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Remember, it's your internet!!

Freedom of Expression

Freedom of Speech and Expression has never a lower cost or a greater reach than on the Internet.

With this freedom comes responsibility for your actions. You own what you present.

When you express yourself through words, images, design, or with audio or video, on the internet, your publication becomes a global statement of your beliefs.

There is probably no viewpoint, theory or statement that will not have people agreeing or disagreeing with you. From pictures of your pets to the most virulent hate speech to lies. If you want to publish, that is your right. If you understand that what you say may wind your ass up in court.

Just because you publish on the internet, does not remove you from prosecution for slander or libel.

This is one of the areas that the internet is colliding with rules of conduct in the world.

Copyright, Trademark infringment and outright Theft are a few more issues that you are responsible for in your publishing.

In a civilized society, all rules regarding behavior derive from the golden rule. this is best stated as
Treat other people as You would like to be Treated.

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