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To vote for me.... or_________, You have to Join. The good news is you will have a say in the future development of the web.

It is a tired story, but nontheless true, If you are not part of the Solution, you become part of the Problem.

As of Saturday, July 01, 2000 in the United States there only 8188 Members. This is very small group

If you are involved in the internet, from e-mail to surfing to design, either as a Individual, or as a designer or developer, ICANN is the International Organization that will be developing the rules and regulations for some time to come.

Here are the current rules....

Later this year, five Directors of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) will be selected by ICANN's At Large Members in a worldwide online election. As the first step of the election process, ICANN has chartered a Nominating Committee to nominate a set of candidates for the consideration of the At Large Members.

The ICANN Nominating Committee actively seeks recommendations and/or expressions of interest from members of the Internet community. To identify outstanding candidates, the Committee depends upon input from Internet users worldwide. Communications sent to the Nominating Committee will be kept confidential. To be most useful, recommendations and expressions of interest should contain the information in the Guidelines set forth below, and should be sent to <>.

Recommendations and expressions of interest should be sent no later than July 10, 2000. The Nominating Committee intends to complete its work by the end of July, after which the election process will proceed to:

  • a self-nomination phase, in which candidates who were not nominated by the Nominating Committee can seek a place on the ballot by attracting a minimum threshold of support from At Large Members in her/his region (as defined by ICANN) via online petition;
  • a campaign period; and
  • the vote of the At Large Members.

Nomination by the Nominating Committee will thus be one of two avenues for candidates to appear on the final ballot.

For more on the Nominating Committee, its members, and the At Large election process, see the Committee's homepage. To review the ICANN staff's proposed rules for the self-nomination phase, click here. To become an At Large Member, click here.

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