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Doing Business the Internet way

Currently ICANN conducts meetings in hotels around the world.

I bring this up for two reasons. First, I doubt very seriously there is a need for this. Secondly, This is the Internet.

On the ICANN site is this nugget

Number of Meetings

The board meets 3 or 4 times a year. The meetings take place around the world, with an attempt to rotate among the various regions. Past meetings were held in Singapore, Berlin, Santiago de Chile, Los Angeles, and Cairo. The remaining two meetings this year will be held in Yokohama (in July) and Los Angeles (in November).

I propose setting up a web bulletin board for the business of ICANN. According to the revised operation budget, this would save almost a million dollars a year in expenses, minus of course the cost of the bulletin board software.

Besides the monetary savings, this system would eliminate the criticisms of advocacy groups regarding secrecy and closed door meetings. Anybody who has ever gone to meetings in another city, or country is full well aware of jetlag, dietary distress, customs, and attention deficit when working on important issues. Many of these meetings usually arrange tours, golf outings, or other ephemera not directly connected the the business at hand.

By conducting these meetings on the web, they can be setup so the host country has the home court time advantage. If I have to be up a 2AM to participate, there is not a problem here.

The Internet was originally set up as a collaboration tool.

This site, the election process and the work of ICANN are all internet creations. They exist on your screen and on the odd harddrive somewhere. The ability to collaborate, engage in dialog, review materials and presentations, will strike terror into the hearts of some, but the balance of open discourse over closed door meetings, will in my view, create a more responsive and informed membership, benefiting the entire Internet community whose advocates we are.

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