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The Internet is a stateless Global Entity. Information from the various types of communication, text, images, sound, email, newsgroups and websites are available from any point in the world from anywhere internet access is available. From my chair in Phoenix, Arizona I can access information from any place on the globe that has a computer with files, attached to the Internet. This is allowing an unprecedented freedom of expression of a magnitude never before seen in history.

This explosion of information is creating a shift in the cultures of everyone in the world. This information is not limited to individuals. Governments, businesses, and organizations of all types are embracing the internet for disseminating information, viewpoints, philosophies, offering products, services and education resources in many formats.

This globalization of information exchange has and is changing the lives of everyone on the planet. The internet is contributing to the economies of nations in varying degrees, from communication to commerce, online and offline.

I have a number of Issues about the Internet I will address.

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