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I believe you have the right to privacy on the internet. In most democratic countries you have the right to privacy. The internet is the most democratic medium ever devised by humans

I believe you have the right to go where you want and see what you want on the internet in complete privacy and anonymity.

In the United States and the European Union, there many privacy initiatives being considered to safegard your privacy on the internet.

Commercial interests and advertisers would take the privacy away from you and are by visiting their sites.

These folks are using an internet technology called 'cookies' to gather information on you and where you go and what you see. They are using well reasoned arguments for this Opt-Out methodology of privacy invasion.

I believe this is an outrageous activity and dangerous to your privacy and liberty.

I have written a number of articles on this subject.

Click-Thru is Evil
Click-Thru is Evil II
Double Click Opts Out
Cookies in the Back Door
An Open Letter to the E-Commerce Times

I believe in Opt-In. This is where You make an informed and conscious decision to share information about yourself with companies and websites that request it. I further believe that this information is not to be sold, rented or given any third party without your explicit agreement and confirmation.

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