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Sex and the Web

Sex is a fact of life as a human being and as a destination on the internet.

No class of legislation anywhere on the planet has done more damage, cost more money, with such abysmal results that obscenity and pornography laws.

Obscenity and pornography laws are different across the world. The litmus test for judging the legality of acts, portrayal, presentation of Adult Sexual Activities deemed pornographic or obscene has been community standards. Adult Sexually Explicit Materials are available across the web with the click of a mouse, just like this page is.

As an Individual, believing in freedom of speech, these sites have the same right to exist as this site does. As a father, I am responsible for development and guidance of my children and do not care to have these materials available to my children with the same mouse click.

I am proposing the Immediate Creation of a new TLD being the .xxx domain. All Adult Sites with Sexually Explicit Materials would receive this designation. This would create a Red Light/adult district for these sites on the internet.

The .xxx designation will serve as a clear sign to everyone on the internet, of this type of material.

Self Interest alone will guide search engines and directories for the inclusion or exclusion of these sites in their listings.

Internet Browser Software makers would also be guided by the same self interest by allowing or excluding listing of .xxx sites in their software.

This is my view of a solution to this concern, balancing freedom of speech with responsibility for individual choice.

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