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who is the head lemur?

the head lemur AKA Alan Herrell, one of the managing Partners of LemurZone Design, LLC. an Independent Web Development and Networking Firm in Phoenix, Arizona.

He started telnetting in 1990, and when the Mosaic Browser arrived in 1994, he knew what his day job was going to be. It took three years, to achieve this goal.

(1) Name:
Alan Herrell
(2) Country of citizenship:
United States
(3) Physical address:
802 West Rose Lane
Phoenix, Arizona 85013
(4) E-mail address:
(5) Telephone number:
(6) Current professional position(s):
Managing Partner - Lemurzone Design
Member - Evolt.Org
Member - Domain Issues.Org
Member - Web Standards Project
Member HTML Writers Guild
(7) Past professional positions/accomplishments:
(8) Volunteer roles/accomplishments:
Co-Director North Mountain Neighborhood Girl Scouts of America 1995-1998
Member and Fundraiser Phoenix Childrens Chorus 1997-2000
(9) Educational background :
Independant study
(10) Understanding of (and/or experience with) the Internet's domain name or IP address systems:
development of websites, networks and intranets
(11) Experience with the Internet's architecture:
see above
(12) Experience in international and/or multicultural environments:
(13) What do you hope to contribute to the ICANN Board?
I hope to provide an independent perspective regarding the issues facing the creation of TLD's, Ownership of Domain Names, Privacy and Freedom of Speech.
(14) Do you consider yourself a representative of user, technical, business, public interest, academic, governmental, intellectual property, or other interests? (List all that apply).
user, public interest, intellectual property.
(15) Are you willing to commit the time and energy required to participate on the ICANN Board?
Oh Yes!
(16) Do you expect to be compensated or subsidized by any party for your participation on the ICANN Board, if elected?
are you offering?
(17) Are you free to take independent votes and form independent positions, without interference or control by any employer, client, or other group that you are affiliated with?
Oh yes.

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