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[Posted] June 25,1998

Upgrading to Windows 98

Daniel Will-Harris is a designer and author whose work can be found http://www.will-harris.com. He writes a bi-weekly column for i-us which is a great resource for information on graphics and products for their creation.
But enough about him.

He wanted to know if anybody was planning on upgrading to Windows98.

Date: June 25, 1998 08:20 AM
Author: Alan Herrell (webmaster@lemurzone.com)
Subject: Win98

Starting with the proposition that everything we do looks better at our place on our machines, is Win98 a gotta have?

We design for the web, which puts us at the bottom of the design pool(72ppi).
It Pays the bills.

Our take on Win98 is that there are only two "features" that may indicate a move. The first is dual monitor support. The local designers in my area that use high-end design products, like the idea of the image on one screen and the tool boxes on the other. We like the idea, but not enough to upgrade.

If you are a graphic designer who will be working on a stand-alone machine and have a desire to work with two monitors, go for it. Please check that your software will run on 98 first, before making the jump.

The other "feature" that is useful from my standpoint are the system tools. Designing for the web and selling my workproducts, in most cases requires teaching clients about browsers, defragging their harddrives, adjusting their monitors, and dragging around a Zip drive with 5 ZIP disks chock full of patches, bug fixes, service releases, and upgrades to commonly used products that form mission critical applications for your clients. If you are an early adopter, or like to do system level diagnostics, go for it.

Win98 IMHO should be called win95 SR3. If you plan to upgrade to winNT you cannot go there from win98. winNT4.0 does not recognise Fat32 as iterated in win98. It does from win95.

UniversalSerialBus support is a part of win950.B, and you can get it with a new harddrive. Products with USB support are just coming to market.

The fact you are reading this, makes you a willing partner in the "webification" of the world. (please, no flames about new words, I already get enough of that from punctuation Nazis).

WinNT. If you are following the same bloody, aggravating, trail that those of us that make our living with computers in the Windows world do, you will be getting more machines, more partners, employees and clients. If you plan to use your skills to pay the bills, you will have to be able to keep on top of all the rest of the little things that keep you from serious pixel wrenching, like billing, client handholding, software upgrades, version control, learning your clients machines, understanding oddball software programs, upgrading hardware, and probably a few hundred other little items my brain can't think of right now. You will need to consider networking.

Win98 will not be your upgrade path, unless you have a lot if time to watch the screen say "FORMATTING 5%............"

I will be putting on my Microsoft Insiders polo shirt and going to the "Launch Event" here in Phoenix, because I have a few clients in the neighborhood, and I can call on them while I am out. Multi-tasking, don't you know.

(Today's techtip: when windows 95 crashes, re-install windows right over your old installation in the c:\windows> directory. Doing this will preserve your shortcuts and the registry. DO NOT let it install into c:\windows\000> This will wipe out the shortcuts and the registry. You may as well reformat at that point. It does ask you where you want to install it.)


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