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[Posted] 12/30/99

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An Open Letter to the Shareholders and Management of E-Toys, Inc.

A friend of mine asked me if I was a bit obsessive about the etoys vs etoy issue.


Try not to take the following quote out of context, I am not advocating anybodys demise, I am making a point about your business practices.

Robert Heinlein wrote in the "Notebooks of Lazurus Long": "Don't ever scare a small man, he will kill you! "

You are scaring me. I build websites for a living.

I am betting my life and that of my family, on my ability to make a living communicating my clients needs and desires to the web.

To that end, over and above what I must know to build and promote my customers sites effectively, to keep fresh as new technologies arrive, as my skills improve, devoting more time to litigation than to creation is not an option.

Your 'offer of settlement' is at best a delaying tactic, giving etoys time to recap some shareholder value by getting you off the radar screen.

Well it's not going to work.

You are not the first company to try to use checkbook litigation to have it your way, but I am devoting my time and energy to make you the last. Unlike a lot people that fill your email box with their thoughts, I am spreading word of your actions across the web in every venue I can find and can get access.

A number of people are calling for the resignation of Toby Lenk. That is a call for the board of directors to make.

The internet is unlike snug little publications, old boy networks, or the evening news. The internet offers immediacy and community. The majority of links below[1] all were created in less than thirty days since the TRO was issued.

If the internet is going to develop, having a place for all, including lawyers and toy companies, allowing everyone the ability to grow and prosper, we must not be hostage to anyones checkbook.

Since I am on the subject of checkbooks, the following suggestions may get your site off the top of the Internet Fecal Roster.
  • An Immediate withdrawal of your lawsuit
  • A Public Apology to EToy on Your Website Front Page to run for 60 days and a link to it thereafter as long as you remain on the internet.
  • Monetary Compensation to Etoy in the amount of at least $300,000.00 ($10,000 a day for each day the etoy site is down.
  • In Cash or Certified FundsNo Checks or Stock!!
  • A contribution equal to 200% of the Above figure for a Fund to the National Arbitration Forum for resolving Domain Name Disputes, for those name holders without deep pockets.

Edited Wednesday, April 11, 2001. most of the links have died.

eToy exile site


Top: Society: Activism: Media Activism: Culture Jamming: etoy: Media Coverage (71)
http://dmoz.org/Society/Activism/Media_Activism/Culture_Jamming/etoy/Media_C overage/

Thank you for your time.

Alan Herrell
LemurZone Design
Phoenix, Arizona

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