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[Posted] September 26, 1998

Click Thru is Evil

Daniel Will Harris was watching WebTV and wondering........
Will you be able to buy everything you see on TV? Do you care? Will you use this metaphor to sell items from your site? Do you care? Tell us!

Date: September 26, 1998 12:39 PM
Author: Alan Herrell (webmaster@lemurzone.com)
Subject: WEB TV----NOT!!!

In my last episode I left you all hanging, as I was on my way to the roll out of windows98. Yep. it's been a while.. At that august event with the big bopper bill hisself, telling us that you could watch TV while you were working/surfing, I had to take a break.

Holy Fern Bar, Daniel!! Have you completely taken leave of your senses?

It is a real good thing that anyone with a FTP program and a browser/editor can put up what ever they feel like. I have no problem with advertising on the web, that how I support my habit. But to encourage the convergence of TV and the web is asking to create a mess we will never recover from.

A couple of notes about advertising need to be brought up here to clarify things.

Proctor and Gamble, who has an advertising budget larger than the GNP of many nations, had to hold a conference to try and figure out how to sell their stuff on the WEB.

At this conference were many of the traditional Ad Agencies, who have bought their way onto the web, by hawking themselves as "New Media Concerns". The upshot on this event is that they basic clueless as to what to do.

My personal favorite is the Click Thru model.


It's not the size. It's not the location. It's not the movement. It's not the product.

It's the counting mechanism.

Here is a surfer on a site with an ad 1stconnection here. .
2nd connection here is the 1st count.
3rd connection here is a click thru.
4th connection(to site serving ad to count click-thru)
5th connection(to site logging click-thru)
6th connection(to site which placed ad to tell them someone is clicking)
7th connection(to site which will bill client for click-thru)
here is the site which had the ad built 8th connection
(The target of all this tomfoolery)

There are probably a number of other connections that are taking place in the background all which are consuming bandwidth. The click-thru model payment mechanism is what is creating the problem.

print advertising is based on type and circulation.
mail advertising is based on how many pieces you send out.
radio advertising is based on an estimate of tuners. television advertising is based on an estimate of viewership.
(I personally do not know anybody, or know anybody who knows anybody, who has the nielson box on their TV)

There is no reliable tracking mechanism out, which will tell you where your traffic is coming from, how long they stay and what they look at. They can't even estimate how many hits a popular site gets. The software which is available can be configured into uselessness. Every try to figure out where that AOL hit really came from?

Every measurement the advertising industry has used is out the window. (I suspect the word, "DEMOGRAPHIC" will vanish into the slang dictionaries.)

TV, radio, and print revenues are down. An interesting note is that the computer magazines are getting it in the neck first. BYTE is gone, PC Mag is reorganizing. Wired said bye-bye.

Anybody with the brains god gave a gerbil, who oversees advertising, is realizing that they can build a web site, and with word of mouse, is much more effective and a lot cheaper than any other media. Banners are good things. They are great design exercises.


We cannot get the browser makers to support the HTML standards, which they have a heavy hand in crafting and you wanna sell earings? I want the web to succeed as much as anyone on the planet. No web, uncle al has to get a job.

TV Is converging with the web. Look at all the ads with web addresses. The voiceovers are saying tollfree numbers now, but they will say visit our website for more information real soon.

I have a computer for information, I have a tv for entertainment, although all I do with the tv is watch commercial free movies with my VCR.

No I don't think that TV and the web should mix.


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