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[Posted] April 10, 2000

The Microsoft Internet

You can't conquer the Internet; the most you can do is kill it!
apologies to Robert A Heinlein

Understand that IE 5.5 is beta software, which means it should not be installed on the machine you are using to read this.

If you care about standards and creating a web usable by everyone, the current IE5.5 for Windows is not a good Choice.
Yes that's right, it overwrites your previous IE Browser and according to early reports it will not uninstall easily.

The Beta IE 5.5 for Windows is following the same tired road that has been the hallmark of Microsoft products since the introduction of Windows.
Make it Proprietary
Make it Bloated
Make it Non-Portable

From the website:"Microsoft is proud to announce the availability of Internet Explorer 5.5 and Internet Tools Beta. This release encompasses a number of enhancements to Internet Explorer, including improved printing and support for Print Preview functionality. There are also several new features for DHTML and content developers to take advantage of, such as: enhancements to DHTML behaviors, improved editing, colored scroll-bars, transparent IFrames and support for vertical text layout. "

None of the "Features" are in the Standards!
Netscape Users Can't use them
Opera Users Can't use them.

I am really disappointed here. I use IE5 as it has the best Standards Support of the NON-Beta Browsers.

From the website:
Internet Explorer 5.5 is built on the architecture of previous Internet Explorer releases, which has allowed the development team to focus on providing a robust set of additional features that advance the platform.

Well that certainly clears things up! This is about the Microsoft Internet! I am glad that you have cleared that up. Unfortunately, I am not on the Microsoft Internet!, nor are my clients. The only Dynamic behaviour they care about is whether or not they get business from their website. ALL of them only have one goal, the maximum exposure for their goods and services. For me, to do that I must build websites that encompass the widest possible audience.

I cannot do that with Transitions, Behaviors, or HTML+TIME.

I Can do that with coding to the Standards. I cannot use All the standards, but then you may be able to connect the dots here.

IE5.5 Beta
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