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[Posted] Sunday, July 02, 2000

Astounding Websites!!

When I was an egg on the web, before I came to do this for a living, IE and Netscape 4 were just coming out. I was at another designers house when I discovered Project Cool*.

When I first saw saturn slide on the screen, I was hooked.
(*More on why there is not a link here to this site further down)

Glenn Davis was the man behind this pixel epiphany. His credits and accomplishments to the web design community could go on for pages. A few that deserve mention are;

The Original Project Cool
A lot of the content Glenn wrote is still there and if you new to the web as a surfer or a developer, it is worth your time.
Now of course it has turned into a cookie serving monster
(I have a browser window open in the background as I write this and am listing to the click of another attempt to serve me a cookie I don't want)

Dev Search
A hand selected directory of resources for web developers
A site picked by Glenn almost every day since January 1996. This alone is an incredible feat.
*(Note: Sites presented after April 2000 are picked by someone else, and we are poorer for it.)
The Web Standards Project
Glenn Co-Founded this with other designers to bring about the browser makers compliance to the W3C Recommendations as a baseline for Browser Display to enhance the web experience for everyone connected to the web.
We are still working on this....

Bad Craziness

Over the past 24 months, there has been bad craziness on the web.....
brick and click, click and mortar, one click, two click, electronic rape, cookie perversion, venture capital, privacy invasion, fraud, domain hijacking, trademark infringement, crash and burn and the browsers from Hell, netscape 4.7 and ie5.5 win

One fact got overlooked in this, Simply that, the web is a communication and collaboration tool of a different stripe. It is not TV, Radio, or Print.

There is a new spirit on the web. Weblogs, collaborative works, designs of stunning proportions, presentations of such depth and beauty to boggle the mind.

Where has Glenn been and what has he been up to?

He's Back!!!

This started out as a conversation started by zeldman at dreamless.org [dead site] . One thing led to another and here it is.

Astounding Websites [dead site] is the name and your opinion is the game. No, this is not another site that points at the same two dozen non-commercial sites that people point to when they talk about Great websites. There is a area for Commercial sites, a self-promotion area, a general area and the [NAG] Nearly Anything Goes. "Asbestos underwear recommended" here.

If you do this for a living, you have seen sites influenced by Glenn's code or words. I became a website designer because I could, I don't play well with others, and I am making a living doing it. The fact that I love the internet is gravy, and Glenn Davis helped me do it!

Thank You Glenn!!


Glenn Davis
Project Cool
Dev Search
The Web Standards Project
Astounding Websites

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