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[Posted] October 29, 2000

Voting and Masturbation

Voting is a bit like masturbation. Everybody's done it, some folks do it a lot. Most folks don't talk about it, some do. The thrill and techniques of both activities are the same. You usually do it in a small room and people even though they didn't see you do it, know that you did. But you don't talk about it.

I vote. Despite all of the things that are currently wrong, the system works to the point that I am able to write this today and will be writing about something else next week. I also show up when they send me the notice for jury duty.

The elction process has gotten out of hand by virtue the amount of money that is devoted to it, and the current system of legislation. The money bit is pretty self explanatory. Money for Favors, Bills for Votes.

Legislation is another area. Politicians don't write bills. There is an enormous industry that writes bills. The entire point here seems to make the language as obscure as possible, yet maintaining some semblance of the Original point.

Propositions in Arizona are rampant again this voting cycle, Sports Stadiums are a favorite, as the owners of these teams say if we don't build them new stadiums they will go somewhere else....
G O O D B Y E ! ! ! !
(and don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out!)

In the name of the Environment the current Arizona legislators passed a bill that is gonna cost the state 485 Million Dollars!! 8% of the entire state budget. The 485 mil. doesn't include the cost of the 3 separate investigations that are starting up. We are talking major league finger pointing.

Here in Arizona, I will be voting against the incumbents. Because they can't read or think very well.

I hope the selections in your voting booths are better than they are here.

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