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[Posted] November 07, 2000

Browsers, Pussies and Standards

I build websites and networks for a living. This is my day, night, and weekend job. It is what I have decided to do with my life.

I belong to the Web Standards Project. I joined on the first day.
Why? Because I was tired of having to code around
browser i n c o m p a t i b i l i t i e s.
I even made my own Banner.
Web Standards Project

I want the browsers to support HTML 4.0, CSS 1 and ECMAScript (the "official" version of JavaScript).

These three Standards alone would create a web that with Correct Coding and Validation would create a web available to everyone connected to the web.(There are more, but these are my picks)


Netscape and Microsoft both belong to the W3C. They are both on the committees that create the Standards. None of these Standards are surprises. Nor were they experimental when the WSP called the browser Makers to support these Standards.

I use Microsoft's Internet Explorer for my browser.
Am I happy with it? No I'm not.
Reason #1 Web Standards and Internet Explorer 5 Part 2
Reason #2 The Microsoft Internet
Reason #3 You are being Screwed Again!!


Chris Nelson is the creator of Mozillazine, a website allegedly created to follow the development of Mozilla, Netscape's Standards Compliant Browser Code, the Gecko rendering engine.

He wrote an article in response to a posting by David Flanagan : Netscape Navigator 6.0 to Fail Standards Compliance .

He says as a member of the WSP I am a pussy.

Poor Chris, let's address the whines and bitches first. You wrote;

The first conflict was with the raving loonies of the WSP. The WSP whines and bitches about standards compliance. They create a petition[1] to convince Netscape to switch to development of their "Gecko" rendering engine technology, which promises greater standards compliance. They take credit for the Mozilla project moving to this new technology.

Chris; I refer you to the following email referenced in the link above[1]

Re:Web Standards Project - NGLayout Petition
submitted by The WaSP
Monday October 26th, 1998 10:24:00 PM
Reply to this message

Today Netscape informed The Web Standards Project that it has agreed to include NGLayout in Nav 5.

It worked! It may be petition envy on your part, but we will put that aside for a moment.

You then drone on about all the interest that other sites are getting as a result to Flanagans article. You made reference to folks not having made "a modest assessment of Netscape 6's standards compliance". (Did You Read Flanigans article and follow the links?) Then by God, you stand up on your hind legs with this gem;

"In any case, this crap will no longer will find a home in MozillaZine. So, take a good long look. Gaze into Mr. Flanagan's eyes. Because he's the last guy with an axe to grind against Netscape that you will see in these pages. The last armchair-marketer to get a say on this site. You'll have to go elsewhere to get your fix. (However, I allow myself an exception to clobber the hell out of the WSP if they continue to act like pussies.) 

I think that Richard Nixon said something along the same lines in the 60's. There is hope for you.

Atta Boy!! Don't let us raving loonies get away with a single pixel that might possibly interrupt your career as an armchair-marketer! Click on the link if you can't wait!

The absolute crown jewel of your argument was this:

"Netscape is in the unenviable position of choosing between bug-fixes and product release - the Scylla and Charybdis of software development."

This excuse was tried in Nuremberg following World War II. It didn't work then. it's not gonna work now.


Standards are for everyone. Not just so I and the rest of the raving loonies who believe that the web is for everyone can save a little time coding once, but by using the standards for enabling accessibility, for the handicapped, having sites that render quicker, separate content from presentation, and generally the make the web a better place for you too.

But Wait!! There's More!!

Being a raving loonie with an internet connection, a little time and just to prove that I really care about standards, I made the following inquiry's about your article

Here is the W3C result of your article: http://www.mozillazine.org/talkback.html?article=1708
You don't close your <p> tags either!

Your Style Sheet Valid with warnings.

Bobby doesn't find anything!

It is a real good thing that Netscape is not Standards Compliant. You would be in a world of crap. BTW, you should close all those <p> tags. It looks like this </p>

the armchair-marketer bit

I see your site presents banner advertisements. Do your visitors know that you are invading their privacy? I didn't see any notice or opportunity to opt out.

Even I have a privacy policy

Why doesn't your website disclose that you set cookies on the hardrives of ever visitor to your site? Heres Mine!


Your ad server has a privacy policy at least.

You should for the next week or so see a dramatic upturn in hits to your article. You may generate enough revenue to seek some help for your petition issues.

your friend in cyberspace....the head lemur.

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