Wednesday, April 11, 2001

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Brainfood for Designers

A new issue of Digital-Web is online for your viewing pleasure.

Digital Web
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The 5k for 2001 is in the judging phase. I blew it, You blew it, but 282 fine entries made the cut.

Tuesday, April 10 :: OK! Hooray! Wow! So, after eliminating all the duplicates, over-the-limits, broken entries and so on, we have 282 entries. Go, look at them, rate them, talk about them and let the cream rise. We will be adding the capability to sort the entries by score, number of viewings, etc. shortly. In the meantime, enjoy the chaos, and see as many as you can.
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Taking Your Talent to the Web.
Zeldman's book on web design is getting close to being published. A tast of Chapter 3 is posted from the fine folks at

Taking Your Talent to the Web
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site news

Redesigned the opinion section. Formatting with a new style sheet, splitting up the writing by year, and killing some of the linkrot. I have added the first few sentences of each article as a preview for you. One of these days I will need to get a content managment system in place.

Work continues apace in other areas. More networks, less legacy equipment, training and discovery.

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