Sunday, April 15, 2001

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Internet Privacy

This is a image of a full page ad running in the New York Times Magazine Today.

The image shows a mobile phone and the headline reads, Now equipped with 3-way calling, You, Whoever your're Calling and the Government

The American Civil Liberties Union is stepping up to the plate on privacy and the limits of government snooping on the internet.

Groups Challenge FBI Wiretap Standards, Say FCC Decision Threatens Communications Privacy
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the head lemur's new camera

I own a Kodak DC210 Digital Camera. I am a point and shoot sort of guy. I have taken thousands of pictures with it. One of the best features of this camera was Picture Easy, the bundled software that allowed you to access the camera, download the images and then delete them from the camera.

Friday, I bought a Kodak DC3400 Digital Camera. The first one went back to the store Saturday, and this one is going back to the store today and hopefully it will be consigned to the Ninth Level of Hell. I will be discussing this much more fully once I find a camera that works.

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