Wednesday, April 18, 2001

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Surfing for smut

With the adoption of the internet by business as another tool in the war for hearts, minds and the bottom line comes this tidbit from The Register,

"Around a third of companies in the US have disciplined staff for Internet misuse in the past year, with most incidents related to porn surfing."

A 'surf for smut day', like the causal dress day could go a long way towards getting it out of your employees systems and getting productivity up.

Employers put the squeeze on porn surfers
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Another stop for the Cluetrain

David Weinberger, one of the Cluetrain Manifesto authors has an article on CIO Magazine explaining the death of the vertical, hierarchal business model in the Internet Age.

End Game read here - go there

If you haven't experienced the Cluetrain, now is a good time.

Cluetrain Manifesto read here - go there

A Redesigned site at ICANN Watch offers news and forums on what ICANN is doing. In contrast to what ICANN says they are doing

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