Thursday, April 19, 2001

what's hot what's not


joe jenett's project ageless needs something, other than your participation, a button!

for your display or linking pleasure
ageless the ICON!!
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Modems from Hell

If you ever get inside the box, there is nothing more chilling that attempting to install a PCI modem without the original software.

This is a modem chip built by rockwell, when they spent a bunch of money at the printers and became Conexant, a word no doubt pulled directly from someones rectum.

If you see this chip on your modem RUNConexant (formerly Rockwell Semiconductor Systems) does not build, sell or support consumer modems; we sell modem chipsets to modem manufacturers.
Drivers, other software, installation and application support, repairs and upgrades must be obtained from your modem or computer manufacturer (in the case of pre-installed internal PC modems).

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