Monday, April 30, 2001

what's hot what's not

What part of Desktop Domination is this?

The Register reports that Microsoft has a new FUD campaign (Fear, Uncertainty Doubt). They are offering prizes for telling them if you bid or sell PC's without Microsoft Operating Systems.

The Register - Microsoft issues bounty for OS-less PC buyers
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1 Point is one system. Prizes Include:


 250 points   5 Microsoft game titles 

 500 points   Above reward plus a Fossil Big Tic watch 

 1000+        Above rewards plus a Fast Cook & Grill 
              Combo and Travel Chair 

**Please note that your privacy will be maintained - 
Microsoft will not disclose your Company's identity as the 
source of the bid information. 

***At your request a letter can be sent to the issuing 
Company clarifying Microsoft licensing policies.  

First they say they won't tell** Then they tell you they will***

Full Text of Microsoft's eMail to System Builders
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Really Ugly Sales Meme

Quicken is one of the most popular accounting software packages on the planet. The article below outlines a real ugly trend in software crippleware.

Infoworld Article
Twist in Intuit's crippleware techniques doubles the cost of its tax-table service

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One of the things that you are not told when you buy Quicken 2001 is that it loads Internet Explorer 5.5 on your machine Before the Quicken program.. If you do not install IE, you cannot install Quicken.

I will be looking for another accounting package and will be advising my clients to do the same. Preferably Open Source. It is not the money, it is the method.

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