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Personal Video Recorders

If the Internet has taught us anything, it is probably that we have millions of choices of where to spend our time. The last great bastion of Advertising, Television is about to fold. The VCR created the first hole in the dike, Tivo and other personal video recorders which are a lot smarter and are easier to keep correct time on, are going to tear the walls down.

An article at Electronic Media summarizes a study on folks who have PVR's, has these two tidbits:

The study, from Marietta, Ga.-based consulting firm NextResearch, surveyed more than 340 of the nation's early-adopting PVR owners. It concluded that 63 percent of current PVR owners are watching more television than they did before owning the device, but that about 1 in 8 (12 percent) have "no idea" of which channels the shows being watched were originally on.

That number will probably rise as the concept of 'network' being any sort of measure of quality programming went out the window with the first single subject cable channels.

I really, really like this one.

Given the buzz in recent months about the paradigm-changing nature of the new devices, Leenie Ruben, chief strategic officer, Next-Research, drew an interesting reaction when she recently approached a senior executive at one of the nation's premier advertising agencies about the PVR study. The executive said he had never heard of PVRs, and moreover, he wasn't interested in learning more.

Change ahead for channels
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Source: Electronic Media Online

This unnamed senior executive exhibits the finest example of "Brown Ring Syndrome". BRS is where one's head spends the majority of its time up it's anus. Signposts of this affliction can be found by the great majority of necktie wearing folks. The tie holds the shirt closed hiding the brown ring. Another indicator are comments like the above.

Ageless Project

The Ageless Project has released the latest figures on participation in the personal side of the web by age. I have ripped them from the headlines and am presenting them here.

          07/29/01     07/11/01     06/17/01     05/10/01

1930s:    2 ( 0.5%)    2 ( 0.6%)    2 ( 0.6%)    2 ( 0.9%)
1940s:    8 ( 2.0%)    8 ( 2.2%)    5 ( 1.5%)    4 ( 1.8%)
1950s:   42 (10.7%)   41 (11.3%)   36 (11.1%)   25 (11.5%)   
1960s:   79 (20.2%)   70 (19.3%)   63 (19.5%)   46 (21.1%)   
1970s:  197 (50.4%)  184 (50.7%)  165 (51.1%)  106 (48.6%)   
1980s:   63 (16.1%)   58 (16.0%)   52 (16.1%)   35 (16.1%)
Total:  391 members  363 members  323 members  218 members  

Unlike a lot of statistics you can take these to the bank. Joe Jenett can add.

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Digital Daily
Walnut discovers the Sprinklers
Sprinkler bites dog
sprinkler bites dog
Free Dmitry Sklyarov Day 16

Free Dmitry Sklyarov Bay Area Central (including San Francisco & San Jose)
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Rally in Phoenix
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Jail Time in the Digital Age By LAWRENCE LESSIG
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Free Dmitry Skyarov
Free Dmitry Skyarov
Current Opinion
On 16 July 2001, Russian programmer Dmitry Sklyarov was arrested by federal agents in Las Vegas, Nevada. His crime: pointing out major security flaws in Adobe PDF and eBook software.

Some companies just don't get the Internet. Adobe is the latest.

A Open Letter to Adobe Systems Incorporated
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Boycott Adobe

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