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Stealing Pixels

Everything you see on the web belongs to someone.

There is no such thing as "Borrowing" stuff from peoples websites. Without permission taking anything other what is in your brain is theft.

'Borrowing' is what you used as an excuse the first time you got caught taking something that was not yours. This usually takes place at an early age and depending on the method of impression used to drive home the point that 'borrowing' is 'stealing' and theft and is not a good thing, determines how you conduct yourself regarding other people's stuff.

Our belief in the glory and possibilities of the web, which is why a lot of us publish, producing the large volume of work we make available and share with others.

We hope that people will enjoy our work, stimulate their creativity, build and share from their own unique perspectives, rather than 'save as', 'cut and paste' and publish as their own.

Wholesale downloading of text, images, files and design is not Fair Use. It is Theft. Re-publishing it is copyright infringement.

Got E-Mail? How hard is it to ask?

Copyright Basics U.S. Copyright Office
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ICANN is looking for comments on how to create meaningful representation for Internet users. Dan Gillmor has a nice writeup.

Dan Gillmor's Weblog - Aug. 7 Entry
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Speaking of Adobe

P D F, not just for documents anymore!

This nugget showed up on Bugtraq. Seems that viruses can be imbedded in PDF documents.

Re: Adobe PDF files can be used as virus carriers.
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Source: Bugtraq

Digital Daily
Wireless Internet
Wireless Internet Antenna
1 square foot of speed
Free Dmitry Sklyarov Day 24

Dmitry Sklyarov is out on Bail. Not Free, Not Home, out on bail. This is not over. While George W. takes a month off to reflect after 6 months on the Job, the DCMA is still law and the majority of you are sitting on your ass.

Adobe E-Book Hacker Released
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Free Dmitry Skyarov
Free Dmitry Skyarov
Current Opinion

The great stock hunt - 08/01/01

As a result of the arrest of Dmitry Sklyarov instigated by Adobe Systems Incorporated, I vowed to purchase a share of stock, simply to be eligible to attend shareholders meetings to let them know in person how I felt.

The great stock hunt
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