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Monday, August 12, 2002

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Is it Real?

Real Player has achieved a dominant position in the market for playing Audio and Video files. Up until recently, Real was closed source and proprietary like Microsoft. Last week they announced Helix, an Open Source version of their product. This is exciting for the Open Source community and will be another stake in the heart of Microsoft with their new Media Player that phones home and the EULA requires you to accept this in order to play Windows Media Files.

This is a real plus for Independent Artists who wish to remain Independent. Doc Searls has a great article and Interview with Rob Glase.

Poking the RIAA and the MMPA in the eye with Open Source alternatives to proprietary formats and endrunning Microsoft is just gravy.

RealNetworks' Open-Source Strategy:
Talking Infrastructure with Rob Glase

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Source: Linux Journal


19 Congresscritters is the latest count of Music Industry Sock Puppets who are crying to The Attorney General John (no titties for me) Ashcroft, to track down file sharing servers.

The most amazing thing about this is that most of the Congressmen that are responsible for this special interest legislation are running unopposed in their districts.

Ashcroft Asked to Target Online Song Swappers
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Source: Reuters

RIAA Announces Intent To Appeal Internet Radio Royalty Rates

Not content to destroy Internet Radio, they have discovered that the

"the Librarian improperly threw out 140 licensing deals that the record companies and RIAA signed with webcasters and other similiar companies".

Whoops! Then they blame Yahoo

"The Librarian of Congress was duped by Yahoo!ís self-serving testimony in the CARP. Yahoo testified in the CARP for one reason, and one reason only -- to lower the rate that would be paid for Internet-only transmissions, Yahoo!ís principal business."

Then they claim that their Royalty Rate Structure was fair

"The Librarian ignored 25 separate licensing agreements the RIAA had previously agreed to and submitted as evidence, as well as 115 similar deals signed by the individual record companies. If these agreements -- all of which represented rates born by a fair market -- were appropriately considered by the Librarian, the final royalty rate would have been significantly higher."

Fairness from an industry that currently controls artists with methods that rival slavery, has been found guilty of Anti Trust violations, created and still uses Payola to control who gets played, where and when, and calls their customers thieves.

Stop buying Commercial Music and supporting advertisers who are parties to these people. Until you cut off their money they will continue to hold music in an iron grip that will not open up the avenues of expression for artists, nor will you be blameless.

RIAA Announces Intent To Appeal Internet Radio Royalty Rates
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Source: RIAA

p i x e l v i e w

Shelley Powers
Some folks can work with technology, some folks can write, very few can do both. Shelley does.

p i x e l v i e w - Shelley Powers
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