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Thursday, August 14, 2003

what's hot what's not

Blogging for dollars.

With the success of Howard Dean's Blogging, candidates across the political spectrum are jumping on the Internet in hopes to tap what is undoubtedly a desirable financial demographic. However, Howard Dean and the rest of the candidates are missing the point

It's not about the money stupid, it's about communication and principles. All the candidates share the same failure of communication. They are under the assumption that 'staffing' their blogs will lead to vote's and dollars. In the short term this strategy worked well for Dean but blogging on the Internet is not about ghostwriting. The primary attraction of communication with blogs is the authenticity of the author. These guys are just not getting it. We can go 1000 news sites if all we want to hear is preprogrammed canned campaign rhetoric. The candidate who sits down at the keyboard and begins to speaking his own voice, is the one who will pick up the majority of the marbles.

As the worm turns

The latest worm for Microsoft is moving quite nicely despite the availability of a patch for the problem that was available almost a month ago.

Running Microsoft software requires you to keep windows update as one of your first destinations when you start surfing in the morning.

Accessibility in the UK

The United Kingdom has released a Handbook for webmasters on Accessibility for Government Websites.

Illustrated Handbook for Web Management Teams
read here - go there
Source: Office of the e-Envoy


Hiding Content [Posted] 12/11/02

One of the re-occurring themes that appear on design lists is 'hiding content', or making one's code invisible. Most of the solutions just don't work. The internet is not about hiding stuff. But in the interest of fairness I can offer a proven method of hiding content.

p i x e l v i e w

Mitch Ratcliffe is definitely an other. The 21st century holds the promise of rich multimedia across the web. Mitch was blazing this trail in the 20th century. From code to finance.

p i x e l v i e w - behind the screen with Mitch Ratcliffe
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