Wednesday, December 05, 2001

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Uniform Domain-Name Dispute Resolution Policy NOT!!

ICANN stepped outside of the lines some time ago with the creation of the UDRP. They compounded that mistake with using the WIPO guidelines. The only good part of this mess was the Arbitration Process, which in itself was flawed by not suspending both domain names until the dispute was resolved.

Newsbytes has this:

"A Canadian firm specializing in arbitration won't be settling any more cybersquatting disputes, saying Friday that its reputation for being fair has driven away the trademark holders who file complaints and thus decide who makes money in that business."

Arbitration Firm Quits Domain-Dispute Business
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Source: Newsbytes

Once again, users of Microsoft Corp. Department

Another day, another virus.

"Once again, users of Microsoft Corp. computer software find themselves under siege from a dangerous virus program that attacks Microsoft's Outlook e-mail program. But at least Microsoft's misery has company this time. That's because the new attack software, called Goner, also goes after users of the ICQ instant messaging software produced by AOL Time Warner. "

Microsoft, AOL software are under attack by virus
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Source: Boston Globe Online

p i x e l v i e w
behind the screen with independent designers, developers and others

Our current view spotlights Heather Champ.
Heather Champ believes in visual self-expression. Yours.

p i x e l v i e w - Heather Champ
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Current Opinion

No RAND for Me

The web works because HTML is an open system.

The majority of what you see on your screen is written in Hyper Text Markup Language. This language has been carefully created to extend the capabilities of what can be communicated from one computer to another. The source for this is the W3C World Wide Web Consortium.

The W3C holds a special position in our little world. We in concert, without clubs, memberships, secret handshakes, or free mouse pads, have decided to agree on the W3C Recommendations as the stone tablets of our universe of the web. We are here as these 'standards' are non-proprietary, open source, and do not 'belong' to anybody. This means that we have a baseline to begin our exploration and experimentation with what we can get to show up in a browser.


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