Wednesday, December 19, 2001

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Adobe the Copyright Violator

From Plaintiff to Defendant in a few lines of code.

"Adobe Systems, whose copyright infringement claims against a Russian programmer has generated worldwide protests, is facing its own infringement problems."
"A US District Court judge in Los Angeles tentatively ruled Tuesday against the San Jose-based maker of graphics and publishing software and ordered it to stop selling InDesign and any other products that allegedly violate the copyright of software owned by Trio Systems LLC".

Adobe pulled up for copyright violation
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Source: The Times of India

Independent Journalism

J.D. Lascia has a new article looking at some Independent sites that are changing the nature of reporting online.

Independents Day When it comes to Net news, small can be beautiful
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Source: Online Journalism Review

Simple Websites Rediscovered!

The web is littered with Websites whose Signal to Noise ratio makes them antagonistic to visitors, requiring Plugins, high bandwidth connections, navigation schemes requiring mousing over every pixel on the screen to figure out where you are.

An Opinion at ZDNet makes a case for simple websites.

Yearning for Web site simplicity
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Source: ZD Net

Note: However the authors employer Makovsky & Company hasn't read it yet.

Current Opinion

No RAND for Me

The web works because HTML is an open system.

The majority of what you see on your screen is written in Hyper Text Markup Language. This language has been carefully created to extend the capabilities of what can be communicated from one computer to another. The source for this is the W3C World Wide Web Consortium.

The W3C holds a special position in our little world. We in concert, without clubs, memberships, secret handshakes, or free mouse pads, have decided to agree on the W3C Recommendations as the stone tablets of our universe of the web. We are here as these 'standards' are non-proprietary, open source, and do not 'belong' to anybody. This means that we have a baseline to begin our exploration and experimentation with what we can get to show up in a browser.


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Independents Day

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