Saturday, February 09, 2002

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A large part of making the web work is the hyperlink. Simple stuff. Click Here, Go There, See a page on the other end. Not rocket science or brain surgery or even difficult. Millions of folks are doing it.

Occasionally someone does something that shits on the web. The latest Winner is the Knight Ridder Company. They own a number of media properties.

You have committed the cardinal sin in site redesign. You have broken every link on your site.
The short and bitter is you have fucked up. Big Time!

Dan Gillmor is one of my favorite technology Journalists. I bring this up as his weblog is a daily stop for me and one of the few people I link to on a regular basis. Actually I have 108 links in my news section alone. I know that I have this many because I have changed them all. I just don't know if I will post these changes.

Before you think that this is an isolated rant, while I am writing this Doc Searls has noticed that you have screwed up the San Jose Mercury News and Miami Herald Website as well. Doc gives you 90 days. He is an optimist, I give you maybe 30.

Note to Dan: If you want to post somewhere else, let me know. If you want to try a subscription service at radio, let me know how much and where to send the money. Knight Ridder doesn't have a clue nor do they understand how much people dislike cookies.
Note to Knight Ridder: I don't like your cookies, I don't like the Real Cities Shroud of Death, No, I don't want 6 ads on every page, and didn't anybody tell you folks about valid code, javascript errors, and accessibility issues?
p i x e l v i e w

You are reading and understanding this because at somepoint a librarian gave you a hand.
Librarians don't just shoosh and stamp anymore. Meet The Rogue Librarian.
Carrie Bickner is our latest p i x e l v i e w.

p i x e l v i e w - Carrie Bickner
read here - go there

An added bonus is today is Carrie's Birthday! Happy Birthday!!

Dan Gillmor Weblog
read here - go there

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