Saturday, February 16, 2002

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p i x e l v i e w

Blogging, WebLogs, personal sites are blurring the lines of Journalism.

Online Journalism is a simple concept. Journalism Online.
JD Lasica does both extremely well.

p i x e l v i e w - JD Lasica
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Hauling bits is no more mysterious than hauling garbage.

Bob Frankston believes that connectivity needs to be supplied the same way we receive other utilities. I think he's right, but I don't think the goverment should be allowed to have a hand without a LOT of education.

Real Separation, Not Just Structural
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Source: ISP Planet

Click Theft

One of the uglier aspects of the web is the advertiser driven revenue model. This is a screen shot of the alleged new and improved Silicon Valley.

Click Theft Illustration

If you use a hosts file or Ad Blockers, this disables the Back Button. If you do not accept the cookies and receive the ads, 7 of them, you cannot use your back button. Those Knight Ridder Folks just aren't very bright.

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