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Hattip to poochkiss for pointing out that this weeks p i x e l v i e w had the wrong link associated with it. poochkiss is a site with a wonderful series of links to various internet technology news

Highly recommended as a part of a complete web breakfast.

poochkiss - Internet Technology News
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the new economy

I have been spending less time at the keyboard and on the web lately. I have been installing networks and new computers for small businesses at a record rate. 2002 is shaping up as the year that folks are getting the Internet as an important part of their business. They are discovering that their vendors and customers have websites and email addresses. Their part suppliers are enabling material ordering to speed up all parts of their businesses.

The net effect is that the computer is becoming more of a business tool than ever before. Internet Connectivity is becoming a critical factor of this equation. Providers of connectivity are imploding faster than ever in Arizona. Sprint stopped selling wireless broadband. Qwest is spending their money on logos for their trucks and adverts in the mail promising DSL services, but not spending any money in upgrading their pipes and cables. The fixed wireless companies are not deploying fast enough.

The market is here, customers are ready, but the regulatory foodfights and corporate schizophrenia in terms of are they connectivity providers or content portals continues. This is a situation that needs addressing on a local level in terms of providing connectivity as a utility service like water and garbage. add it to the city water bill. The first metropolitan area to adopt this strategy will be a winner on so many levels that it will have the ability to use the excess revenue for public service projects and social programs, which in turn will make the area more attractive to companies, and stop the local property tax giveaways that are currently used to attract business to an area.

I'll have to give my councilman a call this week.

Hauling bits is no more mysterious than hauling garbage.

Bob Frankston believes that connectivity needs to be supplied the same way we receive other utilities. I think he's right, but I don't think the goverment should be allowed to have a hand without a LOT of education.

Real Separation, Not Just Structural
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Source: ISP Planet

Section 508 follies

the following bit of code is from the Dept. Of Justice Website and is Billed as its Section 508 Accessibility Notice.

<title>DOJ/Antitrust: Privacy Notice</title>
<body text="#000000" link="#0000ff" vlink="#551a8b" alink="#ff0000" bgcolor="#ffffff">
<center> <table width="80%"><tr><td>
<IMG src="seal.gif" alt="U.S. Department of Justice Seal">
<H2>United States Department of Justice<br>Antitrust Division<br></H2>
<hr noshade size=4 width="80%"><br>
<font face="arial" size="+2"><b>Web Site Accessibility Notice</b></center>
<font face="arial">
<p>The Antitrust Division has made this web site accessible to individuals with disabilities in accordance to the provisions of Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. If you have accessibility problems, you may get assistance by sending an e-mail to our Webmaster at <a href="mailto:"></a>.

It passes the Bobby 508 test, but it is neither valid nor is is coded properly. A big part of Accessibility is proper coding, correct nesting of elements, and using a Doctype that allows you to check for validation.

p i x e l v i e w

Blogging, WebLogs, personal sites are blurring the lines of Journalism.

Online Journalism is a simple concept. Journalism Online.
JD Lasica does both extremely well.

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