Friday, January 04, 2002

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Our current interview spotlights Derek Powazek

Virtual Communities
Two words that point to the idea that we are all important.
Derek is probably the premier practitioner and guide of this idea.

2002 - the year of patent pissing contests

This nugget from C|Net should be a wake up call to every one who is connected to the Internet. It is time to kick out the jams and do some serious realignment of what the web is, and who owns it.

Vancouver-based UFIL Unified Data Technologies, a private company, claims that it owns U.S. patent 5,684,985, a "method and apparatus utilizing bond identifiers executed upon accessing of an endo-dynamic information node." The patent was awarded in November 1997

Doubt cast over Web standard's ownership
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Source: C|Net

That's their story.
Here is my story. 2002 will be the year that we take back the web and insure that nobody will try a stunt like this again. Oh yes. you will be involved.
Trust me on this one!!

Current Opinion

No RAND for Me

The web works because HTML is an open system.

The majority of what you see on your screen is written in Hyper Text Markup Language. This language has been carefully created to extend the capabilities of what can be communicated from one computer to another. The source for this is the W3C World Wide Web Consortium.

The W3C holds a special position in our little world. We in concert, without clubs, memberships, secret handshakes, or free mouse pads, have decided to agree on the W3C Recommendations as the stone tablets of our universe of the web. We are here as these 'standards' are non-proprietary, open source, and do not 'belong' to anybody. This means that we have a baseline to begin our exploration and experimentation with what we can get to show up in a browser.


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