Tuesday, January 15, 2002

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Adobe the FUD File

Adobe Systems is the creator of the Portable Document Format, aka .pdf. The pdf format for documents has a long history for creating WYSIWYG documents that with the use of the Acrobat Reader allows folks to see these documents as the author intended.

From internal memoranda, manuals, legal documents, brochures and just about anything else that needs a wide distribution from a primary source, the pdf is a defacto standard for presentation.

Now that Accessibility is getting sexy, Adobe has taken a page from the Microsoft playbook with their new Accessibility Tool. You need Version 5 to play. Windows Only.

Adobe actually posted this press release:
Adobe Welcomes Federal Government Regulations Requiring Enhanced Web Accessibility for Individuals with Disabilities

This is in sharp contrast with their statement of Feb. 2, 2000

Adobe clarified that it sees its job as simply to provide the tools for making accessible files, not to teach users how to use these tools to make files more accessible. [My italics]

Information Technology and People with Disabilities: The Current State of Federal Accessibility April 2000
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I will live under a bridge and eat out of garbage cans before Adobe gets another nickel of MY money.

Adobe is not one of my favorite companies.


I have it, I like it. You don't, and if you live in arizona you won't get it anytime soon. The major players have called it quits. The minors want too much money. $129.00 a month for 128K access? Just a bit rich for most folks.

Dan Gillmor points to this piece over at the washington post. The thrust of the article is that Broadband is the Next Big Thing. If that's so, how come computers are all sold with modems?

US West became Qwest and spent a zillion dollars advertising the fact. The phone bill every month was filled with advertising extolling the virtues of DSL. The availability is really limited, and now they sold out those customers to MSN

Sprint just gave up.

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No RAND for Me

The web works because HTML is an open system.

The majority of what you see on your screen is written in Hyper Text Markup Language. This language has been carefully created to extend the capabilities of what can be communicated from one computer to another. The source for this is the W3C World Wide Web Consortium.

The W3C holds a special position in our little world. We in concert, without clubs, memberships, secret handshakes, or free mouse pads, have decided to agree on the W3C Recommendations as the stone tablets of our universe of the web. We are here as these 'standards' are non-proprietary, open source, and do not 'belong' to anybody. This means that we have a baseline to begin our exploration and experimentation with what we can get to show up in a browser.


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