Wednesday, January 23, 2002

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Niches of Trust
"When it comes to consumer news and information, bigger is better, right? Not necessarily and not when business interests and advertising dollars trump the rights of readers to obtain honest, hard-hitting advice that would send a media bean-counter into a stroke."

J.D. Lasica is probably my favorite card carrying professional Journalist. His writing is clear, concise and his ability to present a clear report on his choice of subjects makes him one of the most valuable resources on the web.

Niches of Trust is his latest offering at the Online Journalism Review.

Niches of Trust
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Source: Online Journalism Review

Now if I could get him to answer the p i x e l v i e w questions I would really be a happy camper.

Welcome! You've Got Money!

In yet another legal battle, AOL is going after Bill's piggy bank.

University of Baltimore law professor Bob Lande said of AOL and its lawsuit: "This is a company that obviously can afford it, and wouldn't take the step lightly."
"I think they've got an excellent chance of success given that the government has established the facts and established that Microsoft has broken the law," he said.

Last year Microsoft says they spent 600 Million bucks on lawyers. This year they will probably spend twice that.

AOL sues Microsoft over Netscape browser
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Speaking of MSN...

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