Tuesday, January 29, 2002

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Radio 8 Ball

Radio 8 is under testing in the lemurzone pixel labs. Radio 8.0 worked well. I have a few issues with it as a coder, but for folks who wanna publish without a lot of hassle it was working pretty well.

I am not a great fan of sharing utilities generally as the stuff on my harddrive is for the most part none of your business. What is your business is why I have a website.

After downloading Remote Form Radio Hole Closed Radio blew up. We cannot post to the weblog. The local copy informs us of this.

Can't upstream because "Can't write stream because TCP/IP error code 10054 - Connection reset by peer."

Radio is still accessing my machine and merrily updating news feeds and the other toys that are part of this application, but we can't upload. Sort of decapitates the whole point of Radio as a tool for getting folks on the web.

customerservice@userland informs me that I have 15 days on my trial. the local copy tells me this too.

Trial Version

I am somewhat tenacious in attempting to understand and use stuff that will make my life simpler and if it helps you too, that is gravy. After all I use and support Windows. So I went to the disscussion group like a good little lemming. After joining to post, I attempted to post only to get a server not found error.....

Tried again, and it went thru this time. we will see what we will see....

Broadband Colonics

Doc has posted his tale of heartbreak with his Cox@Home Internet connection. I feel his pain. He is not alone...

As I noted yesterday, I spent 5 hours at a clients home attempting to get Cox running on their new machine as the NEW IMPROVED Version reported that the old machine did not have enough horsepower to run it.

After a 73 minute wait as reported by the phone wich has a connect time feature, tech support admitted that the cable modem provided with the orginal installation has ISSUES and needed replacement. So now my client will have to stand in line to receive the new improved modem and I will attempt install this again.

The bullshit surrounding Broadband is beyond belief. Oh it is faster, it is always on, but it is being offered by companies who do not have a clue. Providing the service where available, is just not enough.

Cox is a cable company, providing broadcast video programming, whose agenda is relatively straightforward. Money for access. They provide Internet access on the same fiber as your movies. As this is a shared service, your speed will be varied by the number of folks on your loop. Besides that, Cox is a packager of other folks content, making your privacy an issue as selling customer information is critical to their negotiations with the content providers for their cost of goods. Just like magazines and commercial programming, the ability to deliver eyeballs is the single most important factor in marketing service agreements.

The Internet doesn't work that way. But then most executives probably don't read

Qwest the local phone company provides DSL. The technical challenges in providing service are not insurmountable, but Qwest spends money on advertising and new logos for the trucks and company letterheads, rather than working on upgrading the phone lines to provide this service in the metropolitan areas like Central Phoenix. As a result of these obstacles they are leaving the market, by selling their residential customers to the Microsoft Network, another company not know for service or reliability.

Qwest the local phone company decided that sharing/selling customer information was a good idea as they could add this money to their bottom line without any work. The people in Arizona don't think this is a good idea. The local Newspaper has a whole section of their website devoted to this.

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