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Monday, July 07, 2003

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You know that you are a geek when you can spend a hour and a half on the phone installing hardware and software half a continent away.

My significant other is on the east coast visiting her sister and taking in the sights. Sending pictures using Kodak Easy share just doesn't get it. Emailing 1 meg files from an AOL account is not recommended either. So my sister in law went out and got a CD Burner. They called me up and we installed it over the phone and they were burning by the end.

It's okay being a geek.

Congress screws old folks again.

The problem with a capitalist society is not everybody ends up as a captain of industry. Some folks just work. Some folks just want to do a good job and be recognized at the end of the week with a paycheck. Somebody has to be on the jobsite, assembly line, and at the counter to make business run. These are the folks who worked the 40 hour weeks, 50 weeks a year, overtime when they could get it, to raise families, become members of communities, and hopefully provide their children with a better life.

Social Security and it's sister Medicare were created to acknowledge that we as a society had an obligation and a responsibility to those who w o r k e d to provide the opportunities we enjoy.

These folks worked to help build the society that offers the freedom and opportunities that are available today. But with the current pro bidness administration who has bought in to the whole downsizing, rightsizing, move it offshore to increase profits, little mention is made of the folks who worked on the line to put business on the map.

The so called Drug benefit which is an attempt to quiet down all those old folks who are beginning to form a large block of folks who vote and who already retired, who are being screwed by those currently in congress again.

For 16 million seniors with little or no drug coverage that`s true, but many others may be disappointed with the plan. That`s because it includes what is informally known in Washington as the donut hole. Under the Senate Medicare drug plan, the government would cover a little less than half of the first $3,500 in drug costs, but after that there is a hole with no coverage until a beneficiary`s drug spending tops $5,300. After that, Uncle Same pays 90 percent of drug costs. The House plan has a similar gap in coverage. Critics say the donut hole means seniors will come up short when they need help the most.

The ''Hole'' Story Behind The President's Medicare Plan
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The biggest fear on the part of drug companies was the government having some real clout in driving down prices to a rational level. But wait! The drug lobby managed to get 10 coverage zones so now they have less to worry about, will have 10 zone teams and will add the cost of negotiation into the cost of the drugs, recouping some of the so called discount.

Politicians really suck. Business as usual on Capital Hill.


Hiding Content [Posted] 12/11/02

One of the re-occurring themes that appear on design lists is 'hiding content', or making one's code invisible. Most of the solutions just don't work. The internet is not about hiding stuff. But in the interest of fairness I can offer a proven method of hiding content.

p i x e l v i e w

Mitch Ratcliffe is definitely an other. The 21st century holds the promise of rich multimedia across the web. Mitch was blazing this trail in the 20th century. From code to finance.

p i x e l v i e w - behind the screen with Mitch Ratcliffe
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