Monday, July 09, 2001

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Coltin Arnoldussen

In my day job as a developer occasionally you get to post something you can feel real good about.

Coltin at 6 yearsColtin Arnoldussen is the nephew of one of the members of the Arizona Automotive Recyclers Association. He was Diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Luekemia. The AARA stepped up to the plate and held a charity golf tournament and raised over $19,000 dollars for Coltin.

AARA April 2000 Entry
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Coltin at 8 years old On the left is Coltins Second Grade Picture. His cancer is in remission and he looks like a different person. He is doing well and is attending school. There is one thing that has remained unchanged throughout his battle. In all of his pictures he has kept a smile on his face, even when the waters were rough.

Coltin Update
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Busy Busy Busy

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A Morning trip to Seven Springs

a view across the entry road
Seven Springs running water in Arizona

watering the herd, flo, walnut and hazel
watering the herd, flo, walnut and hazel

a yellow wildflower
a yellow wildflower

rocks along the trail
rocks along the trail

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There is a new technology that threatens the web. Microsoft's Internet Explorer 6.0

The quest for control of presentation by designers has taken many turns. From the first graphic browsers in 1994[1] to the sophisticated tools for creating webpages and managing content available today , designers have used the web to display the fruits of their labors.

Smart Tags - Dumb Idea
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