Wednesday, July 11, 2001

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Buying into Online Advertising Part 1

DoubleClick is headed south. Ad revenues are down, Privacy concerns are up, folks are getting tired of being assaulted by banners.

"We don't see a second-half recovery," said Stephen Collins, chief financial officer of DoubleClick, reads the lead sentence over at CNet. [1]

The most pathetic part of this piece is the return of analyst Henry Blodget, now working for Merrill Lynch shilling this company. Henry was one of the Analysts responsible for the feeding frenzy last year. This is interesting in light of this article at CNet [2], where they are saying that analysts will not be holding stocks in the companies they report on. This is a just a self serving pre-emptive announcement in view of the Congress holding hearings[3] this Thursday about Brokers and Analysts creating self-fufilling prophecy, to sell stocks and make commissions.

[1] DoubleClick: Web ad market isn't improving
read here - go there

[2] Merrill tightens reins on analyst holdings
read here - go there

[3] Congress getting into analyst blame game
read here - go there

My stance on online advertising[1] by third party providers[2] is relatively well known. About a month ago the Register had a contest and I entered. Didn't win but got an honorable mention.[3]
(about 3/4 down the page)

[1] Click Thru is Evil
read here - go there

[2] Click Thru is Evil II
read here - go there

[3] We really do love Doubleclick because...
read here - go there

Buying into Online Advertising Part 2

Online Advertising is cost effective. Websites are cheap, can be changed at the speed of light, can provide more information about a companies goods and services than any other medium in history. The medium is the problem. It looks like a page, it looks like a video, it looks like a slideshow. The web is much more than the sum total of these limited views.

Advertising Agencies still don't get it. Nor do the companies who use them. A direct marketing campaign, paper, plastic or pixels, whose idea of success is .5 to 2% didn't see the Failure Rate of 98 to 99.5 %.

A visitor to your website has pre-qualified themselves. It is not hard to provide enough information to have them contact you. If your sales department is any good at all, you will make money.


The Register provides this two part[1] [2] story on the UDRP with insight ICANN Watchby Micheal Frookin, the proprietor of ICANN Watch[3], a website focusing on ICANN policy.

[1] Why ICANN's domain dispute rules are flawed: Part I
read here - go there

[2] Why ICANN's domain dispute rules are flawed: Part II
read here - go there

[3] ICANN Watch
read here - go there

Other Notes

Doc Searls pointed out this tidbit today.
Court Ruling Was No Victory For Microsoft
read here - go there

J.D. Lasica mentioned a link to a New York Times Story about me-zines(whatever they are) and the lack of links . We agree that it was a poorly referenced story. As for the profit figure of 600 bucks, that will pay my connection charges for about a month.
The NY Times discovers weblogs
read here - go there

Digital Daily

Temple of the Vestial Virgins and Michelangeos David
Temple of the Vestial Virgins and Michelangeos David
my sister in law's trip to europe

Current Opinion

There is a new technology that threatens the web. Microsoft's Internet Explorer 6.0

The quest for control of presentation by designers has taken many turns. From the first graphic browsers in 1994[1] to the sophisticated tools for creating webpages and managing content available today , designers have used the web to display the fruits of their labors.

Smart Tags - Dumb Idea
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