Monday, July 16, 2001

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Gee Bill! You want me to trust you with my data? Department

The United States and Russia are on the same page in software in keeping track of Nuclear Material.

Kurchatov scientists discovered a fatal flaw in the Microsoft software donated to them by the Los Alamos National Laboratory

Nukes: A Lesson from Russia
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Even scarier than the fact the software (MS SQL 6.5 and SQL 7.0) is losing data and nuclear material information, is this exchange between the interested parties.

E Mail Exchanges
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Pixels, Bingo and the Front yard

Occasionally pixel mechanics need to step away from the keyboard to refresh the batteries. My wife has turned me to Bingo. Here in Arizona the Indian tribes are running casinos to make money for themselves. Bingo is no longer the little wire hand cranked cage with the little balls and the odd cards.

You can play the cards which are actually big sheets of newsprint bordered in primary colors, touch screen terminals and little pocket machines. So you see computers are ubiquitous, work, home and gambling.

So the transition to play time wasn't that hard. The last game of the day is called "Hang the Caller". With the help of my trusty Game Tech International Game machine, a spot of luck, the head lemur won the last game and left with $600 bucks. Just in time to finish the landscaping in the front yard. Picture below.

Digital Daily

the front yard
the front yard waiting for the arrival of stone
waiting for the arrival of stone

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