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Wednesday, July 17, 2002

what's hot what's not


W32.Elkern.4926 is the latest interation of the Klez virus and is a real pain in the ass. Spent 8 hours yesterday on 4 machines and anticipate another 4 or so today.

This jewel infects .exe files on windows machines from the root up, which involves the explorer and outlook express root files iexplore.exe and msimn.exe, which of course renders the victims OS into junk. It also jumps across your networks at the speed of electrons.

Another interesting indicator is that the Symantec site only renders the images and none of the text or links on the securityresponse.server which means you cannot download the FixKlez tool.

The two leading companies that make antivirus software that address these problems are Symantec and McAfee. Symantec is good. McAfee Sucks.

Symantec is good. It solves the problem without requiring you to buy the product. But as a guy who fixes computers for a living the Norton SystemWorks and Norton AntiVirus are worth every penny and will save hours of time repairing software issues in computers.The links below tell the story.

read here - go there
Source: Symantec

FixKlez tool
read here - go there
Source: Symantec

How to create Norton SystemWorks Emergency Disks
read here - go there
Source: Symantec

McAfee sucks. In my own universe of things that really piss me off are their use of directads.mcaffee.com to push ads. And they are popups.
Hello? what part of we are already at the home site and really are not going to buy based on an advertisement are you having a problem with?
Nor am I going to download the Real Player to download software.
Ever heard of FTP?

Oh yeah, if you are infected you cannot download the software until you remove the infection, which of course you cannot remove until you have a anti virus package installed. No removal tools like Symantec. I have installed server software with less trouble.

Once you refuse all of these amazing offers for an evaluation product you get this:

Installing this software constitutes your acceptance of the terms and conditions of the evaluation license agreement accompanying the software. In addition to agreeing to be bound by the terms and conditions of the evaluation license agreement, you are also agreeing to receive emails from McAfee.com to upgrade this evaluation software to a fully licensed product and periodic updates on new products and programs. This is "Opting In" to promotions in the future. Within each communication sent, you will have the option to "unsubscribe" by sending an e-mail to unsubscribe@mcafee.com.

Give McAfee a pass unless aggravation is the only thing that makes you feel alive or you have an overwhelming desire to charge your clients for all the time you will spend getting it running.

Shelley Powers
Some folks can work with technology, some folks can write, very few can do both. Shelley does.

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