Wednesday, July 25, 2001

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Encryption, the Internet and other Oxymorons

The Adobe mess has brought to light a couple of points that need further examination.

Inside of 48 hours of the Arrest of Dmitry Sklyarov, two websites were created and were being used as clearing houses for protest and information. This demonstrated the power and the passion on the Internet and some of the Netizens.

The speed of dissemination points out that we who regard this as our home have power and influence far beyond the comfort zone of corporations and governments. The traditional closed doors, spin control and back room deals are out the window on the web.

The Internet was created for free exchange and collaboration of information. It has risen from a few simple standards to the vast universe of ideas and presentations that you can see today with a connection and a few bucks a month.

The attraction of the sheer number of participants is causing companies to explore the web as an outlet for selling their wares. Digital Information is cheap, and the ability to present it is desirable to lower costs and increase profits. The Adobe eBook is the latest technology to crash and burn on the web. Attempting to present books, music, video, and images in any type of propriatary formation the Web is doomed to failure.

If it is encoded, it will be decoded. No vast conspiracy, no underground cabals, just simple curiosity. The DeCSS program was developed to watch DVD movies on a Linux computer.

The two points are:
Netizens have enormous power.
You could always ask us if your idea is any good.

Free Dmitry Sklyarov
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Boycott Adobe
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On 16 July 2001, Russian programmer Dmitry Sklyarov was arrested by federal agents in Las Vegas, Nevada. His crime: pointing out major security flaws in Adobe PDF and eBook software.

Some companies just don't get the Internet. Adobe is the latest.

A Open Letter to Adobe Systems Incorporated
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Boycott Adobe

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