Sunday, June 03, 2001

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Lucid Confusion

Jeff Clark is the proprietor of the Internet Brothers. Lucid Confusion is his weblog. Every Sunday he has a new feature.

Sunday means Bluzz of the Week. Through this feature, I'm searching for the brightest, funniest, most controversial or otherwise intriguing comments from the previous week's forums, journals and blogs.

This week J.D. Lasicas two part series Blogging as a Form of Journalism is featured. I received an honorable mention as JD asked for an opinion and I responded.

The Bluzz of the Week
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Bandwidth Thieves

Mousetrapping is a way of locking you into websites.

'Mouse-trapping' locks Web users in a virtual maze
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Current Opinion

A bill has been introduced into the House of Representatives,
H.R. 718, Unsolicited Commercial Electronic Mail Act of 2001

Unsolicited Commercial Electronic Mail.
Exactly what part of Unsolicited are they having a problem with? A Lot.

An Open Letter to the Congress Of the United States
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Digital Daily

mama lemur is watching the puppies while i read Zeldman

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