Tuesday, June 05, 2001

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Taking Your Talent to the Web

I am a professional web designer. It has been my day job for 4 years. I have shelves of books on code, design, communication and marketing. This is my first review of any of them.

Imagine needing some good advice. You go to your friend who is wise, gentle and has been where you are thinking about going. If you are looking at the Web, Jeffery Zeldman is that friend.

This book reveals the love affair a lot of us have with the web. For those of you using the web as a member of the audience this book explains what you see. If you are thinking about the web as a participant, this book explains how it's done and how to get it there. From text on the screen to code and color, dynamic media presentations to effective design this book provides you with a guide to the areas where the web presents it's greatest strengths and it's weakest links.

Taking Your Talent to the Web is not a book you just want, it is the first book you need.

Taking your talent to the Web
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A bill has been introduced into the House of Representatives,
H.R. 718, Unsolicited Commercial Electronic Mail Act of 2001

Unsolicited Commercial Electronic Mail.
Exactly what part of Unsolicited are they having a problem with? A Lot.

An Open Letter to the Congress Of the United States
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