Thursday, June 07, 2001

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The Apocalypse of the Web

Copyright, Trademarks, Intellectual Property and Accessibility are the four horsemen of the coming Apocalypse of the Web. The courtrooms are filled with lawsuits on Copyright, Trademarks, Intellectual Property and in the US, starting on the 26th of June, you can see the beginning of the Accessibility Lawsuits.

Kottke mentioned and that it didn't go where you might think. It is the website of Morrison & Foerster LLP, a law firm moving into the treasure trove of Copyright, Trademarks and Intellectual Property practice. I mention them as this is the most concise listing on the new Top Level Domains and Registration Information I have found.

Protecting Your Trademark Rights with the New Top Level Domain Names (5/01)
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They also have an excellent section on recent court decisions regarding these issues.

Internet Law Bulletin
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On the other hand....
Tom Matrullo has been around the block and has a weblog where he posts things. Today he posted an article from Joshua S. Bauchner who is:

Bauchner recently completed his degree at Brooklyn Law School where he was Editor in Chief of the Brooklyn Journal of International Law. He previously managed the Internet and Litigation at the Software Publishers Association where he developed the group's Internet Anti-Piracy Program.

No I haven't gone soft. Read the article.

Technology and the corruption of copyright
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Digital Daily

Our First Sunflower
First Sunflower

Current Opinion

Unsolicited Commercial Electronic Mail.
Exactly what part of Unsolicited are they having a problem with? A Lot.

An Open Letter to the Congress Of the United States
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