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Monday, June 10, 2002

what's hot what's not

the head lemur redefined

Everything I know about Shelly Powers I learned on the web. Everything I have ever said about her is also on the web. She has written two things that I disagreed with and posted my disagreement online. The first was an article on O'Reilly.net entitled The Tyranny of Standards. which I replied to not only on o'reilly but also here. The second was a posting on her weblog PAY ATTENTION, which I wrote about here.

In both cases I presented my opinion on my disagreement with her statements. In which I express my opinion on her opinion. In both instances she was unable to present a compelling or reasoned argument for her point of view. Instead, In My Opinion, she presents articles based on her 'feelings' rather than on compelling analysis and conclusions to support her arguments. That is what I have commented on. At no time did I attempt to attack her character.

That doesn't seem to be good enough. Shelly Powers the BURNINGBIRD says:

the Head Lemur is a weak brained, bottom dwelling, ferret faced, dull witted amoeba

The above quote is taken out of context. The complete bit is here

She also said:

In debate, when your opponent is reduced to attacking your character rather than your words, you know you've won.

I've been called worse and am not taking it personally. But it seems to reinforce my arguments. Good character assasination relies on information that can be used as a razor to cut to the bone or a cugel to beat your opponent into submission.

If you want to continue this, here is some ammunition.
I am a ex-drunk and dope fiend.
If all goes well June 15th will mark 15 Years of being clean and sober.
(maybe that's why i am such a cranky bastard).
I am also a confessed Source Code Thief.
I also believe we are all Equal

Wired Conference's
"If you're a lousy conference speaker, don't be surprised if all you see of audiences in the future is their bowed heads, says WLAN consultant and frequent conference speaker Alan Reiter. And no, they won't be praying."

Wi-Fi Changes Meeting Dynamics
read here - go there
Source: 80211-planet.com

Gillmor fires back

Dave Winer posted an opinion titled Is it marketing or journalism?where he said that Gillmor was not a Journalist

Taking on my Company: My Response
read here - go there
Source: Dan Gillmor Silicon Valley .com

nuff said.

p i x e l v i e w

This week's p i x e l v i e w is definitely in the other catagory. The Rev. A. K. M. Adam is a Professor of New Testament Studies. But that's not all...

A. K. M. Adam
Before the Internet and pixels were words, spoken, carved, printed.
The largest uses of pixels are words.
Technology and Theology are closer than you think.

p i x e l v i e w - A. K. M. Adam
read here - go there

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