Tuesday, June 12, 2001

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Smart Tags - Real Dumb Idea

I have been watching the Smart Tag debate for a couple of days now. It is such a dumb idea that they will end up giving Office XP away in groceries stores right along with 600 free hours of AOL.
In yet another demonstration that money does not equal intelligence, I offer you my latest Opinion,

The Microsoft Internet - The Next Episode
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Tomalak's Realm

Today I found this link on Tomalak's Realm which dovetails nicely with a conversation I had with JD Lascia the other day about news organizations becoming more responsive to their audiences.

Lawrence Lee spends a lot of time on the web. I am extremely grateful that he does. His site does Signal to Noise better than anybody.
Check it Out! Tomalak's Realm

Digital Daily

here's looking at me
Here's looking at me.

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The Microsoft Internet - The Next Episode
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