Wednesday, June 13, 2001

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Microsoft the Cookie Slayer.

An article posted on the Register yesterday notes that IE6 refuses cookies from DoubleClick, one of the largest cookie setting companies on the web.[1] Today another article says it isn't so.[2]

[1] WinXP IE6 spells death for Doubleclick - and a boost for MSN?
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[2] IE6 will not monster our cookies, says Doubleclick
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No I don't think this is the softer side of Microsoft.

Killing Cookies

Speaking of DoubleClick, a trial date has been in another DoubleClick Case.

The suit charges DoubleClick executives with essentially having compromised the company's own privacy policy, having 'misled the general public into a false sense of privacy and security regarding their Internet use, while deceptively acquiring, storing and selling millions of Internet users' most private and personal information for profit.'
Trial Date Set in DoubleClick Case
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Many of you know how I feel about privacy and Ad Servers. If not You can catch up

Cookies in the Back Door
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Double Click Opts Out
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Click-Thru is Evil II
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Current Opinion
The Microsoft Internet - The Next Episode
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