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Sunday, June 16, 2002

what's hot what's not


Mozilla has taken 4 years and zillions of hours of coding and testing. Mozilla 1.0 is out and is an outstanding browser. The rendering is fast and if you build valid websites, it is one less thing you need to test for when building sites. It's mail client does not have the susceptibility of running malicious code that Outlook and outlook express have, and can be set to kill webbugs in HTML email.

The Good news is that they have not stopped there. Mozilla 1.1 will have the capability of rendering HTML email as plaintext, slamming the door on webbugs and other crap used by spammers.

My web and network clients will be using Mozilla real soon for browsing the web and this will reduce service calls on my end.

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Source: Mozilla.org


I spend way too much time on the bleeding edge and have a number of computers running at any one time testing boards, video, memory, chips, harddrives, modems, hubs, switches, monitors.

I build a lot of computers. I use AMD processors for price and upgradeability. Modern motherboards and technology have brought the processor full circle to it's intended purpose as a CPU. The gigahertz game played at the marketing level does not hold up in today,s business computing environment. There is no advantage to the Intel processor on the user level, and that's my opinion.

I don't compete on price. I build quality systems, that are upgradable and provide service for what I build.

Elitegroup is a motherboard manufacturer that has a board out that looks to be a real asset for building computers that won't need replacement in two or three years. The K7S7A has a Socket 462 which enables one to run AMD Durons, Altheons, Paliminos, and Thunderbird processors. 100, 133, 200, 266 MHZ processor speeds. It also allows PC133 or PC2100 Memory. 100, 133 and 266 MHz memory speeds.

Elitegroup K7S5A MainboardElitegroup K7S5A Mainboard

Now it is possible to build computers that can start at a productive entry level and can be upgraded to keep pace with software requirements down the road as well as falling component prices.

Elitegroup K7S5A Mainboard
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Source: Elitegroup.con

I will be testing with Linux and will probably step up and run Lindows as well.

Building a box for around 500 bucks and adding 100 to 200 bucks in Microsoft tax, is not what I really want, and my clients only care that their software works reliably.

p i x e l v i e w

Shelley Powers
Some folks can work with technology, some folks can write, very few can do both. Shelley does.

p i x e l v i e w - Shelley Powers
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