Monday, June 18, 2001

what's hot what's not

the twentysomethings are coming!!

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Joe Jenetts <--ageless--> project highlighting the non-commercial portion of the web has grown. Us old farts are being overrun by twentysomething young whippersnappers. This is good news.
To find out where I am you will have to dig me out.

A new secret code word : FUDL (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt and LIES).

Long time internet users developed their own secret language for communication when we were constrained by slow modems and early mail clients. Some examples are LOL (Laughing Out Loud), ROTFL(Rolling On The Floor Laughing) and others. Occasionally a company has the distinction of being added to this secret language. One such addition to this secret code is FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt). IBM invented it. Microsoft perfected it. When we see FUD in a posting we know that we are talking about Microsoft.

Today we will need to make a small change to the web. FUDL (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt and LIES).
Microsoft has been caught again. Dan Gillmor points us to this gem on the Online Wall Street Journal :
Microsoft Uses Open-Source Code Despite Denying Use of Such Software

Just so you don't think that this is an isolated incident, The Register offers this:
MSNBC doctors anti-MS WSJ story

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There is a new technology that threatens the web. Microsoft's Internet Explorer 6.0

The quest for control of presentation by designers has taken many turns. From the first graphic browsers in 1994[1] to the sophisticated tools for creating webpages and managing content available today , designers have used the web to display the fruits of their labors.

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