Thursday, June 21, 2001

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Digital Web Online

Digital Web has a new issue posted. This issue is on Simplicity in Design

Digital Web Online
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I have been in the market for broadband for over two years. There has been nothing but disappointment. Qwest which is not only the local phone company but is also a long distance carrier, cannot provide anything. Don't listen the the bullshit on TV, Radio, Website or even in the bill. I am 17,248 feet from the Central Office switch. To far for DSL. The Fibre Switch is 3000 feet away. The fibre is in the box all coiled up. Not terminated, just sitting there. Qwest is the last place on earth for Broadband connections in the Phoenix Metropolitain area. They do say in really tiny letters that it may not be available in all areas. So Much for the Truth in Advertising Lawsuit.

Sprint offers Microwave Broadband access. This sort of works in Phoenix as the city is flat and there are a couple of hills to install antennas. They came here, and since I cannot see the towers from my house no Sprint broadband for me.

ClearSky Broadband is using the cellphone antennas to distribute the signal. I am waiting for the installation crew now....

Smart Tags - Dumb Idea

I am in the process of downloading IE6 beta on a machine and will be testing Smart Tags. Stay Tuned for Developments.

Digital Daily

Rotten our oldest cat is not impressed by Flo our newest

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There is a new technology that threatens the web. Microsoft's Internet Explorer 6.0

The quest for control of presentation by designers has taken many turns. From the first graphic browsers in 1994[1] to the sophisticated tools for creating webpages and managing content available today , designers have used the web to display the fruits of their labors.

Smart Tags - Dumb Idea
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