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Friday, June 28, 2002

what's hot what's not

TCPA - Taking Control of Personal Activities

Four letters that will end your control over your computer. The Trusted Computing Platform Alliance is working on creating hardware controls on your PC. "Taking Control of Personal Activities" is more like it.

This is good news for Microsoft and the 'entertainment' industry. If you think that your PC is your personal property, access to the Internet and the ability to run programs and applications of your choice you had better wake up.

The entertainment industry wants turn your PC into a spy and vault for their offerings. Windows XP was the first move in this direction with its phone home to activate 'feature'.

MS Palladium protects IT vendors, not you - paper
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Source: theregister.co.uk

TCPA / Palladium Frequently Asked Questions
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Source: Ross Anderson

Has anybody else noticed every time Microsoft says "Feature", it usually limits what you are able to do with your computer? And ends up costing you more money?

It's not about the money Stupid!

Glenn Fleishman is deep into the possibilities and mechanics of 802.11 wireless. He posted a response to an article at InfoWorld about how community networks were bad for business.

Ephraim Schwartz the writer of the InfoWorld article is not very bright. He does not understand the word Community. The crown jewel of his argument is, "For better or worse, it takes the profit motive to make things happen."He doesn't understand the business model involved. Let me clear this up for him.

There is no Business Model. None. People do this because they can.

They are sharing without thinking that they need to be paid for every bit and byte that travels across their access points. They spend money out of their own pockets to build and extend access points. They do this because the Internet is about sharing, not metering bytes, not collecting tolls, not creating exclusive clubs for the comfort and continued existance of 'business models' that are becoming increasingly irrelevant with each passing day.

p i x e l v i e w

Shelley Powers
Some folks can work with technology, some folks can write, very few can do both. Shelley does.

p i x e l v i e w - Shelley Powers
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