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Tuesday, March 06, 2001

Doc Searls speaks out about the terrible state of Journalism on the web

Doc Speaks out
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Tim O'Reilly plays Henry Kissinger Complete with Tape Recordings!!

Shuttle Diplomacy Between Allchin and Stallman
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Napster was the second big thing. HTML was the first. They are both about duplication and distribution for little cost. Not effort or creation, but raw cost. We may agonize for hours, days, months to perfect our output, but as soon as we publish it to a server and somebody retrieves it, the duplication begins. The cost of duplication drops with every hit and download.

I see the current debate more about expression than living large. I doubt that very few musicians or other artists started their careers by analyizing the market to determine what would sell and than position themselves with a biz plan and strategic alliances to garner money.They did it to please themselves or to get out what ever it is that drives their life. The Monkees were an exception.

The technology has changed. You do not need a large factory to produce CD's. This is not a troll about the fully equipped recording studio vs. the band huddling around the monitor with a roland board.

Rights and Distribution
The current systems sucks for sure. If you want a contract, we get the rights. Napster is only the beginning of the shift of businesses selling millions of units of anything. It also signals the economic shift in expressions in all forms. We, with a few pixels, some software, and hardware have shaken the entertainment industries to their core and are dismantling it.

The loud noises are the beasts roaring their frustrations as they sink into the quicksand of technology evolution. The music, movie, and dead tree industries are all dying. I'm gonna miss the multi-million dollar action movies, but sure as you are reading this, something will replace it.

Are we entitled to compensation for our labor?
No, we are not e n t i t l e d.
We do have the opportunity to have our labors valued and receive compensation for it. If this means that our global village of sites becomes the baazar for valuation so be it. It's not like we can't do it.

Does it mean we must become barkers shouting or whispering about our expressions? If we are going to put a value on it and receive money for it, we will. But we will not do it alone.

The internet is a young civilization who having discovered pixels, developed by individuals who have ventured out and extended the open hand of friendship to strangers are beginning to form groups for developing an new society. Some of these strangers are merchants coming from the old world, who look upon our electronic community with envy and avarice.

They question our sanity, as where they come from, you must exchange for what you receive. The notion of giving freely or sharing is alien, and they bring many volumes of rules to demonstrate the superiority of their society. They believe that no other way is right, and make great noise when a new form of community is expressed.

We have already demonstrated that if it is expressed digitally, it can be downloaded, duplicated, reversed engineered and in the case of copy protection defeated. This is not stopping us, We continue to grow, by letter, tag, image, and format and site.

Will any of us make millions of bucks doing this? Probably not. Will we live well? Depends on your version of well. What we are doing is creating the most extraordinary society in all of recorded history.

There is a New Economy, just not capitalized the way the old economy is, nor should it be. We can do better.

Noteworthy Websites

The 5K doing the most with the leastThe 5K is Open.
You can build sites only a T-1 could love.
What can you build in 5 K (5120 bytes)?

The 5K Org.
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If you publish on the web , copyrights, yours, mine and others are an issue.
"Copyright law is fast becoming irrelevant, thanks to the Internet. It's time to start figuring out how to replace it with something that works. "
So begins a new article by dylan tweney. Looking at copyright's successor.

The Real Slim Shady
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Hat Tip: Doc Searls

Teresa Earnhart Speaks

Where I Draw The Line.
I am an advocate for many things on the web, freedom of speech is among the most treasured. I draw the line a lot further down the road than most folks.
I have discovered where that line is. In an emotional appeal by Teresa Earnhart, she is asking that people stop trying to acquire the autopsy photographs of her husband Dale Earnhart.
Do you really believe that we need this? I don't.
I urge you to use the links at the bottom of her statement and support her.

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