Wednesday, March 07, 2001

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Hoist By Their Own Petard Department

Now this is funny!!! Aimster, the other music service, is encrypting their files. For the Record Companies to prove that the exchange of copyrighted materials is taking place, they need to crack the encryption.

Under the Digital Millenium Copyright Act, any breaking of encryption-protection measures is against the law.

Aimster fights record industry with its own fuel
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ICANN'T Department

In the continuing battle for the control of Namespace, ICANN has once again demonstrated they do not understand the Internet. The latest indication is the deal they are trying to make with Network Solutions aka Verisign. (you know the folks you register your domain name with, who turns around and shops your information to any marketeer with a checkbook)

The short version is to take back all of the .org domains. Go to for details and action.
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New dots... Defies Domain System

Idealab founder Bill Gross isn't happy with the Internet's newest top level domains (TLDs), so he's decided to fight the system., a spinoff of Idealab, is challenging the authority of the Internet's primary ruling body by preparing to sell 20 unsanctioned TLDs that it plans to administer on its own

Source : Wired News Defies Domain System
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Standards and Surfing

The head WaSP speaks to Mac Users and the rest of us.

MacSlash Zeldman Interview
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In Microsoft We Trust?
A new study demonstrates why we need much more education on the internet.

Should the U.S. government run more like a business? If so, most Americans would vote to hand Microsoft the keys to the White House. That's the finding of a new study by Brouillard Communications, which asked people which company they would most like to run the U.S. government -- and which they would be least likely to put in charge.

Source: Yahoo Business News

In Microsoft We Trust?
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Noteworthy Websites

The 5K doing the most with the leastThe 5K is Open.
You can build sites only a T-1 could love.
What can you build in 5 K (5120 bytes)?

The 5K Org.
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If you publish on the web copyrights, yours, mine and others are an issue.
"Copyright law is fast becoming irrelevant, thanks to the Internet. It's time to start figuring out how to replace it with something that works. "
So begins a new article by Dylan Tweney. Looking at copyright's successor.

The Real Slim Shady
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Hat Tip: Doc Searls

Teresa Earnhart Speaks

Where I Draw The Line.
I am an advocate for many things on the web, freedom of speech is among the most treasured. I draw the line a lot further down the road than most folks.
I have discovered where that line is. In an emotional appeal by Teresa Earnhart, she is asking that people stop trying to acquire the autopsy photographs of her husband Dale Earnhart.
Do you really believe that we need this? I don't.
I urge you to use the links at the bottom of her statement and support her.

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